What you need to know about sales calls


I welcome you for yet another beautiful day. For the benefit of those new in the sales game and will probably be ask,” What the herk is a sales call. Well am not any close to an academic wizard and so i will put it in a crude way.

A sales call is customers hunting. No guns allowed in the hunt.

Now for those who wants the formal way.

A sales is the visits salespeople make to a
buyer’s premises in order to sell their
companies’ products.

Got it right!

Preparation is the mark of the professional- in every field (not the football kind of field, OK!). Note that the highest paid salespeople review every detail of account before every sales call. First, they study their notes from previous calls.

On the other hand the lowest salespeople try to make minimum preparation and you know what, you and I know professionals when we meet then and certainly they won’t act like one.

For now I am going to split sales call into three piece. And it all include:

1) Pre call analysis:
Research the account prior to the call and learn something about the person and their business before the meeting? Check their web page, brochures, newsletters. God knows, you could hit a million dollar information.


Send an outline of the agenda to the client before the meeting and have three value-added points prepared. Bring all materials, brochures, contracts,

2) Pre call objectives

Answer the three important pre-call objective questions:
A. Who are you going to see. Who knows it could be a ghost!
B. What is the goal of the call?
C. What do I need to find out during the call?
D. What’s the next step after the call?

Customers loves salespeople who thoroughly prepare with written outline. Also dress professionally with mega credibility of an expert ( solution man/ a consultant). Ask open end questions while narrowing it down to your sales objectives. Handle objections professionally. And don’t forget be a resource and also a friend.

3) Post call analysis

Don’t trust your memory and don’t wait until the next day before you write your discussion and findings down. Write every fact you recall as quickly as you can. The prior to seeing the prospect again, if need be, review you database.

Lets say that will be for now. Have a nice day.

What’s your personal value?


Values are those things that really matter to each of us … the ideas and beliefs we hold as special.
Many of us learned our values at home, at church or synagogue or at school.
Values are difficult to see in a person. People often have difficultly articulating their full set of values. When they do, values can seem a complex array of ideas–and usually come out
disorganized in a person’s thought process. Personal strategic planning begins with your determining what it is you believe in and stand for-your values. Your values lie at the very core of everything you are as a human being. Your values are the unifying principles and core beliefs of your personality and your character. The virtues and qualities that you stand for are what constitute the person you have become from the beginning of your life to this moment.

Your values, virtues and inner beliefs are the axle around which the wheel of your life turns. All improvement in your life begins with you clarifying your true values and then committing yourself to live consistent with them.
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What is your mission statement?


By definition a mission statement is a statement of the purpose of a company, organization or person,its reason for existing . It should be noted that I have seen plenty of beautiful nonsense when it comes to mission statement. At minimum, your mission statement should define who your primary customers are, identify the products and services you produce, and describe the geographical location in which you operate if need be.
It should describe your key market and your contribution. It should explain why your product or service is unique, setting out reasons why a prospective client would, or should choose you. No wonder most businesses find writing a mission statement hard.

If you’re stuck, you could try using any handy mission statement generator to help you come up with a mission statement like this one.

“We will work concertedly to efficiently monetize best practice methods of empowerment to stay pertinent in tomorrow’s world.”

Or try this for size.

“We are committed to globally engineer virtual sources while continuing to quickly leverage web 2.0 services.“


You want a case study? You have it.
Exxon Mobil Corporation’s mission is
an example of a poor statement.

“We are committed to being the
world’s premier petroleum and
petrochemical company. To that
end, we must continuously
achieve superior financial and
operating results while adhering
to the highest standards of
business conduct.”

Exxon Mobil seems to think their
unwavering expectations provide the foundation for their commitments to those with whom they interact. They don’t. How many of their 77,000
employees will respond to a statement like that? Exxon Mobil might as well
have said,

“We want to make tons of money, honestly.”

This, of course, is the truth, but it sure as hell isn’t motivating.

Don’t laugh! I’m sure you’ve read many a meaningless mission statement similar to these ones.(Beautiful nonsense). Your
mission statement doesn’t have to be clever or catchy–just accurate. To help you
According to Bart, the commercial mission
statement consists of three essential
1. Key market: Who is your target client or
customer (generalize if needed)?
2. Contribution: What product or service do you
provide to that client?
3. Distinction: What makes your product or
service unique, so that the client would choose

Your mission statement shouldn’t live in a dusty A4 file, or be buried on a long forgotten, never updated page on your website. And it shouldn’t just be something you say.
It should be something you live every day, on purpose.

What are you doing right now, today? Why does your business exist? Why does it matter?

Are you actually on a mission, or are you just saying that you are?

Have a great day!
Don’t fail to communicate your mission statement to your employees or volunteers effectively.

Enjoy Business and People

Passion is the most essential element in business. it ranks top on entrepreneurs check-list  Now listen carefully, before you throw your job in your boss’s face, consider next whether you have and enthusiasm for the idea of running a business. Of striking deals like Donald Trump with suppliers. Of handling technology problems,invoicing snags. handling poring spreadsheets and being occasionally slapped by customers who woke up from the wrong side of the bed. And that is just the beginning.

Does these thought excite you or horrify you?

There is more to it than just enjoying the world of business.

Probably of more importance is having an appetite for engaging with other people. This is because entrepreneurship is fundamentally about people and relationships. Its about forging social connections with investors,suppliers, employees, customers, and even competitors.

Even with the best business plan investors are only going to stump up funds if they trust you to deliver on your plan. Suppliers need to understand you vision. Employees need some persuading to join your little start-up outfit rather than some established firms like Apple. It goes without saying that customers will need some more convincing to buy your products or services. In addition it wouldn’t hurt to have a friendly relationship with competitors to keep up with new trends in your industry.

If all of that communicating and negotiating, and influencing and persuading sounds like your idea of hell, then entrepreneurship is not for you. Stay with your boss still or find a more comfortable firm to stay with. No harm. Avoid having to get your hands dirty with horrible responsibility of financial goings-on and business decisions, and dealing with people on daily bases.

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