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Okay, lets beat it home, by “sexy entrepreneur women”, I did want you to think I  was going to show you beautiful

and gorgeously dressed human mermaids that had flashy cars. No, I wanted you to get to know four great women, though good looking, but most importantly dominate other women in their field as well as men alike and had inspired greatly their female folks.

4. India Nooyi

Born in Calcutta, India. She is one of the most powerful women in business having held executive position in many worlds’ top companies.

She is currently the chairman and CEO of PepsiCo which is the second target food and drink company on the planet.  Can you believe this! Now, I am shivering as I am writing this blog. Now she has not only excelled in business but also in academia, earning degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, as well as MBA in Management in her native India. As if



that was not enough management at Yale.


This woman has its all as a leader of Europe’s most powerful and richest economy, German as a great responsibility rests on her. Her influence and persuasions

skill are likely to affect millions of Europeans and billions of others around the world. Angela Merkel is Germany’s first female leader and her decisions are highly likely to impact the history of Germany.



Indra Nooyi

If you don’t see this woman in any list that involves the top women   entrepreneurs, pass that list to me to burn if it is online; Run away because that website is scam.

She is worth $2.7 billion. If I get hold of that money, I would build a space station. No wonder she gives fee ears to her audience members, her fortune has been largely down to creating television that women live to watch. She had also excelled in other form of media.


Cher ranks so highly on this list. She is perhaps arguably the successful female entrepreneur in the world. Her wealth was solely by her own making rather than being down working for a large firm or being born   wealthy.

She manufactures phone for other people that earned her good fortune. It wasn’t until she set up her own company HTC, that her wealth ran off. She is estimated to worth $ 6.5 billion HTC accounts for 20% of the smart phone market. You may have not heard of her but, men she is the bomb for the female folks…..