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Self discipline in business? That most sound ridiculous, well without self-disciple and self control in business, no success is possible. This is because  the achievement of business success demands high levels of discipline from you in every area of you business  activity. This was why John Viney said, “the quality of self denial in the pursuit of a longer term goal and indeed, the will power to maintain that level of self denial, is an excellent training  for the boardroom.   There is never enough  customers for you to sell everything you want to sell. There are never enough  sales revenues to help you achieve all you financial goals. There are never sufficient profit to enable you to expand as much as you want.

You must discipline yourself to understand that the customer  is always right. No matter how your product or service is, weather it was gotten from future or  Venus. Its nonsense  if customers does not like it. Let you see business people who are unhappy with their level of sales and profitability. To know if your product or service  is truly  attractive or valuable if people buy it willingly-and then buy it again and tell friends to buy as well.

According  to expert, fully 70% of your business decisions will turn out to be wrong in fullness of time. You must face the possibility that you could be wrong in your most cherished assumptions and beliefs.

All business investment, ventures enterprise and start ups require a high level of optimism. You must believe in the future of your business along with you new products and services.

Have so much confidence in their marketability that you are willing to undertake financial risks and in rest many hours weeks and even year to achieve your business    goal.

Your need self-discipline to curb your  confidence, to remain objective and realistic. Overconfidence in business leads to business mistakes, financial losses and worst bankruptcy.

To survive in the business world war arena of competition discipline yourself to be equal to or better than your competitors. After all they have sleepless nights think of how to get you out of business. So knock them out before they do. You must out-think them.  The discipline of advance planning can spell the difference between success and failure.

Try not to make errant assumptions. As peter Drucker said, “Errant Assumptions lies at the root of every failure” Business fail because executive rely on assumptions that are not tested. They assume that since their products can create the universe, then it must be bough heavily. They forget that the sole purpose of business is to please its customers and at the end the come ranting that they put in trillions in adverts, best product in Mars  which your can find even on earth. Well understand that the complaining customer is also part of the business, love them because they see the flaws you never saw. They hold the keys to put your competitors out of business. I guess I have to stop here for today.

Thanks for reading and I welcome you again on my next blog. For now I need some hamburger, will you get some for me? Oh, never mind OK!


If I ask you; what product or new business are you going  to do? What would be your answer? What? You don’t know? Well the good news is you don’t  need to know. Many entrepreneurs started with blank sheet and the look around from a fresh angle on old ideas are a new twist on an exist one. With bits of research, talking to people, and going online. BAM!!!   They got it.

Now, it’s time to get practical, it time to help you find a way to imagine something now, different better.

Now I want you to breathe in, again, again and now breathe out. Relax you are going to enjoy this session.  Go and get a glass of water or cool juice to relax with. This is to create a pleasant environment. If at the end you say, I didn’t enjoy this part then it means you disobeyed at some point. So do the above and if you are on motion sit down quietly following the above   instruction before reading on.


What talent do you have because we need it now? In building your business you need to look to your own talents. If you can do something with ease that other find difficult, and then you might be able to build business on it. This is first point.

Now look at that glass of juice of water that you kept by your side and say WOW! Do it passionately as if you own a lottery.

Having done that keep reading if you have ever d discounted your talent before just because it comes naturally, don’t again. Now for taking that decision grab that glass and sip a little. I said a little before you finish it. Sip it with passion again this time.

How was it? Enjoyable right? Now you have to be passionate about what you want to do or at least excited by it. If someone offers me $50 billion to learn how to sing professionally, I won’t because to me it’s waste of time and energy. Wait a minute, I will!! Who wouldn’t like to get that kind of money just to learn how to sing professional? But if the money is $100 I would rather write 100,000 posts than doing that because I don’t have the passion to same with another who loves dancing but hate readings. Now if you can’t stand don’t get into music and if you can stand computer, don’t get into software solutions.

No matter how profitable the idea may be, if you can stand customers stupid go for something questions. Don’t get into retail. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sip the drink now and answer this question. What do you do well? Maybe you are a natural sales person, singer, actor, white witch of computer (whiz in computer). Or your natural love people or taking to them and giving advice, then you should be thinking of consulting.

As you ponder, reflect, and contemplate on what kind of business to build, make sure your business matches your temperament and also keep sipping you drink passionately when ideas hit your head and do well to write it d own. Feel free to ask me any question including the stupid ones. For now I will be running because I have some other people to attend to, we shall continue on the part 2 in my next blog. For now keep reflecting, pondering and contemplating.



Lies about entrepreneurs
Do you know the entrepreneurs are special people? Yes, right? Well, sorry pal, that was WRONG.
The media loves to showcase entrepreneurs as demi-good with flesh and blood. Well the media likes nothing more than telling fanciful decorated stories, garnished with spices and chicken flavor about entrepreneurs who has succeeded from an early stage. Well, all those were done to get you to buy there newspaper or whatever.
Example include a child who sells sweets at school or a dropout that built business empire or even an illiterate who doesn’t know how to read or write but made millions from his book, aspiring kid who set up an organized crime syndicate and robbed two street banks at a go and a that started using calculator from the womb. OK, so maybe I haven’t read about the last two.
All of these are just good stories and stories are sometimes twisted to become interesting like fables. You must understand that the media are there to sell. You most have read about and marveled at high-profile entrepreneurs who killed the lions to take the elephant.
Now listen, for every pushy and extrovert entrepreneurs there are half dozen equally successful, quieter entrepreneurs who shun the media spotlight and go ahead making there zillions if I must exaggerate.
Sadly a lot of people believe that you must be special to be entrepreneurs. I say once again that they are wrong and even if you point a missile at me, I may keep shot but still say, “Wrong!” subtly. As far as you come up with a good business ideas that you can get passionate about, point its big picture, sit for days perfecting and then prepared to turn it into a commercial enterprises, you can be a successful entrepreneurs. You see no sweat! But there is sweat oh!
Any ordinary person can become an entrepreneur. Yes, you read that correctly. Entrepreneurship isn’t about experience. It’s about using your brain, motivating yourself, and building relationships with the right people. So yes, anyone can do it. Why not join?