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Act of Negotiation Part 1

I am very happy to usher you into a new successful day in business and life. Today, everything you do involves relationships. Check most successful people in all fields of life, they are all relationship experts. They invest more time and effort to be very effective in dealing with others.




Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence (Photo credit: Intersection Consulting)




determined or limited. I believe nothing is impossible; in fact I hate the word “impossible”. Emotional intelligence can be improved by practice and repetition, of course practice makes perfect. Do you remember the first time y ou were learning to drive? I am guessing that you stalled the car a couple of times. And you were almost certainly driving so fast or slow. I guess a good fellow would have advised me to get off from your car before a touching heartfelt stories emerges from our little voyage. However I bet that as you spent more time driving, your confidence grew and now you can drive without thinking about it. You probably can now admire that pizza shop and not worry about your feet and hands.
Don’t worry emotional Intelligence will be discussed in details later. I just want to stress the point that:
Your ability to interact with others to communicate, negotiate and persuade determines your income more than any other factor. Please note that your ability to get on with others account for 85% of your happiness. One of your chief responsibilities in life is to learn how to negotiate well on your own behalf. Come on, don’t you think we need to be able to get more of what we need faster and easier than we could if the other person was better at negotiating, right? If your answer is, “yes”. Let’s go on and nail it down with the first Act of negotiating
First and foremost; everything is negotiable. Yes you heard me or should I repeat?
One thing you have to know is that all price and terms are set by someone. They can therefore be changed by someone. This does not be that they will be change; but it does mean that there is always chance. I want you to begin today to look at life as one long extended negotiating process. You will find that almost every situation contains elements that you can negotiate to improve the terms and conditions for yourself and others. Always note that price is the best-guessed estimate of what the customer will pay. This means that the asking price is loosely connected to objective reality. The cost of manufacturing and marketing a particular product or service often has little to do with the price that is placed on it. Price is arbitrary and merely reflects someone’s opinion of what the market will bear at that moment. My mama raised no fool, so I would challenge that opinion.
Begin today to ask for better price and terms. The mean reason why you don’t ask for better price is the subconscious fear of rejection, that fine but I confront mine so confront yours or else……. You know what those dots mean? Let forget it but I need you to improve you finance by asking for better price. Start by asking in a polite, warm and friendly way. Ask positively, expectantly and confidently. I guess I will take the lead by asking you to like my Facebook page for this blog and if you want more negotiation just comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t. Wait for the next part of this series.








Law of Business Success

This law is a powerful law and it is capable of improving or completing destroying your business. No wonder they said that whatever you truly believe with feeling becomes your  reality. You belief acts like filter for information that is inconsistent with them. In one of my my poems  “Believe’” I talked about the power of believe along with its good and bad side. You reject information that contradicts what you have already decided to believe, whether or not your beliefs, your prejudice are based  on facts  or fantasy.

The worst belief you can have  are “self-limiting beliefs” these occurs whenever you believe yourself to be limited in some way, so  you have to be careful with  your belief even in your business.

Self limiting beliefs could be thinking that others are superior to you in some  way, that  your business w ill never g row. These  self-limiting beliefs act like brakes on your potentials; they hold you back and generate the two greatest enemy of success which are- doubt and fear. These enemies luck you up and your daily with paralysis of the mind i.e. cause you to hesitate to take intelligent risk in business.

To break from the shackles of this limiting belief you must reflect any though or suggestion that you are limited in any way. Accept the belief that you are “no limit” person.

Sometime ago, I fell into the mental trap that if you are faced constantly with problems so numerous that you tend to ask, God why me? It means that your sins are after you or God is no more with you. This belief stayed with me for years till I broke out. I realized that God does not punish us and that He was loves us. Well don’t start thinking that I am a pastor right now but I am just telling you what held me back and made me wet my bed because it limited me badly.

The fact remains that nobody is better than you and that is what you belief could cause great harm on you. To win you most challenge every self limiting beliefs that are holding   you back weather in business, peer group, at home, office or in your community. You need  an honest feedback of someone who knows you well. Meet someone who know you well, it could be you dad, mm, best friend. Ask the person if he or she sees what might be causing you to perform below your potential its. What you might get may pierce your heart painfully but it is mid from doubt and fear. Don’t be scared even though they are vampires, the magic sword, cross or even the so-called holy water is there along with the silver bullets. So aim fire and killed that vampire that is limiting you. Both is your personal life and business


When I am talking about goals am not referring to Argentina 1 Tunisia 0 (football)which is written on score board, rather am talk about clearly defined targets and step to achieve your desires. It could be buying that house, increasing your income, buying the white house or Aso Rock ,scoring high in your grades at school or robbing the World Bank and being famous for it. OK, I understand maybe you don’t like the last. Even terrorist have clearly defined goals and targets, so if they do, why don’t you have one?

English: Picture I made for my goals article


Writing out your goals does not means it guarantees success but rather it increases the probability of success by ten times. Writing is called a “psycho-neuro-nector activity” the act of writing forces you to think and concentrate. It forces you to choose what is more important to you and your future. As a result, when you write you impress it into  your subconscious mid. In life you  either work to achieve your own goals or you work to achieve  the goals of someone else. Which do you choose?

It is important to note that your brain has both a success mechanism and failure mechanism. Who like the failure mechanism, its awesome but don’t trust me on that see for yourself if you would like it and stay with me.It really awesome but I must advice you, take the success mechanism and stop….. let me not complete that to avoid the jury.Failure mechanism is the temptation to do  the easy path or follow the undisciplined path of  least resistance, to do  what is fun and easy rather than what is hard and necessary. This  failure  mechanism operates constantly and with constant force. Your success is triggered by your goals which can be seen as riding  a ship with rubber. Listen you must start today to set goals for yourself but if you don’t know how I will see to it that you get to know and if you are bent not to set goals, I think you are invariable saying “GAME OVER”, watch and see if you will not be tossed to any direction by the wind just because you have not rubber in your ship. I don’t want to loose you, so start setting goals and stick to it.

On my next blog I will bring you seven steeps methods to achieving your goals. Stay will me cos am lonely here.

Wealth through Business


Wealth is created primarily through business. The top 20% of wealthy men and women are first generation which means the started from scratch and built their business men like Bill Gates, Paul G. Allen, co-founder Microsoft Cooperation, Richard DeVos and Jay van Andel who started Am way in t heir basement after running a driver-in restaurant H. Ross Perot who is also on the list actually borrowed $1000 to start his electronic Information Technology company EDS. David Packard and Bill Hewlett who  used $538 to begin their computer company , Hewlett-Packard, in a garage.

Not one of these listed on the “Forbes 40” list made has enormous wealth working for someone else.

Now if you’re like most business owners, probably started your enterprise out of a heartful belief that you could provide a better service or product. Wealth creation was likely not the objective. It could be to meet up with your school fees, have enough income to put food on the table, pay the rent and provide for your family. Well, I love that food part cause am hungry now but I will have to finish this blog.

You could ask:  what are the ways to build wealth through business ownership or how can I get wealthy through business?

Either way it all depends on your definition of success.

There are two basic ways to build wealth through ownership which include:

  • Pay yourself an increasingly larger salary as you go along or
  • Build a business from scratch or through acquisition then monetize the value of the business by transitioning ownership/selling the business in whole or part.

The first type of building wealth through business mean that you ought to work hard and hopefully, watch the business grow. Then as the project increase, so does your salary and you maintain complete ownership business.

The second type of building wealth through business deals with growing a business strategically and then still the business than there is the potential to make lots of money by selling a business than running it.

This is not the time to like your tongue and saying to yourself, I got it.  Just relax and ask yourself these questions before you become the famous Mr. Bean in business. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself before you start preparing to sell or for your exit made.

  • Who do you want to pass this company that you have successfully built to-private or public sale? Or perhaps family member or employees, or be of acquired by another company.
  • Where do you want to be you 10, or 20years from now? Thus will determine 90% of what needs to be done with the company. Write your company goals down don’t worry soon I will be writing on goals.
  • What will be your role in the company when you leave?
  • What kind of leadership team do you need to put together now positioned to achieve them. Thank God at last I have to eat. See you next on my blog to help you grow and eventually serve as an asset in the ownership transition of your business.

Listen if you address these issues properly, you will be much better.