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Lies about entrepreneurs
Do you know the entrepreneurs are special people? Yes, right? Well, sorry pal, that was WRONG.
The media loves to showcase entrepreneurs as demi-good with flesh and blood. Well the media likes nothing more than telling fanciful decorated stories, garnished with spices and chicken flavor about entrepreneurs who has succeeded from an early stage. Well, all those were done to get you to buy there newspaper or whatever.
Example include a child who sells sweets at school or a dropout that built business empire or even an illiterate who doesn’t know how to read or write but made millions from his book, aspiring kid who set up an organized crime syndicate and robbed two street banks at a go and a that started using calculator from the womb. OK, so maybe I haven’t read about the last two.
All of these are just good stories and stories are sometimes twisted to become interesting like fables. You must understand that the media are there to sell. You most have read about and marveled at high-profile entrepreneurs who killed the lions to take the elephant.
Now listen, for every pushy and extrovert entrepreneurs there are half dozen equally successful, quieter entrepreneurs who shun the media spotlight and go ahead making there zillions if I must exaggerate.
Sadly a lot of people believe that you must be special to be entrepreneurs. I say once again that they are wrong and even if you point a missile at me, I may keep shot but still say, “Wrong!” subtly. As far as you come up with a good business ideas that you can get passionate about, point its big picture, sit for days perfecting and then prepared to turn it into a commercial enterprises, you can be a successful entrepreneurs. You see no sweat! But there is sweat oh!
Any ordinary person can become an entrepreneur. Yes, you read that correctly. Entrepreneurship isn’t about experience. It’s about using your brain, motivating yourself, and building relationships with the right people. So yes, anyone can do it. Why not join?