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If I ask you; what product or new business are you going  to do? What would be your answer? What? You don’t know? Well the good news is you don’t  need to know. Many entrepreneurs started with blank sheet and the look around from a fresh angle on old ideas are a new twist on an exist one. With bits of research, talking to people, and going online. BAM!!!   They got it.

Now, it’s time to get practical, it time to help you find a way to imagine something now, different better.

Now I want you to breathe in, again, again and now breathe out. Relax you are going to enjoy this session.  Go and get a glass of water or cool juice to relax with. This is to create a pleasant environment. If at the end you say, I didn’t enjoy this part then it means you disobeyed at some point. So do the above and if you are on motion sit down quietly following the above   instruction before reading on.


What talent do you have because we need it now? In building your business you need to look to your own talents. If you can do something with ease that other find difficult, and then you might be able to build business on it. This is first point.

Now look at that glass of juice of water that you kept by your side and say WOW! Do it passionately as if you own a lottery.

Having done that keep reading if you have ever d discounted your talent before just because it comes naturally, don’t again. Now for taking that decision grab that glass and sip a little. I said a little before you finish it. Sip it with passion again this time.

How was it? Enjoyable right? Now you have to be passionate about what you want to do or at least excited by it. If someone offers me $50 billion to learn how to sing professionally, I won’t because to me it’s waste of time and energy. Wait a minute, I will!! Who wouldn’t like to get that kind of money just to learn how to sing professional? But if the money is $100 I would rather write 100,000 posts than doing that because I don’t have the passion to same with another who loves dancing but hate readings. Now if you can’t stand don’t get into music and if you can stand computer, don’t get into software solutions.

No matter how profitable the idea may be, if you can stand customers stupid go for something questions. Don’t get into retail. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sip the drink now and answer this question. What do you do well? Maybe you are a natural sales person, singer, actor, white witch of computer (whiz in computer). Or your natural love people or taking to them and giving advice, then you should be thinking of consulting.

As you ponder, reflect, and contemplate on what kind of business to build, make sure your business matches your temperament and also keep sipping you drink passionately when ideas hit your head and do well to write it d own. Feel free to ask me any question including the stupid ones. For now I will be running because I have some other people to attend to, we shall continue on the part 2 in my next blog. For now keep reflecting, pondering and contemplating.



How to generate business ideas like a pro, remixed

How to generate business ideas as a pro; written for Emeila.

“This is for my friend who follows my blog, the remixed there doesn’t mean am about to release an album, its just that Emeila seems not to grasp all that I wrote on my previous blog on this topic.Actually you are welcome to enjoy it this time”

Lets bet plain, to generate a business ideas is as easy as ABC and 123 for those who saw the four walls of the school and also as easy putting food into your mouth for those who didn’t. Most people think that you will be a real entrepreneur only if, you do something innovative like Ford, Thomas Edison, Ritchie, Graham Bell or even my grandfather who invented the walking stick. I know you will opt for that will I gives it was the portable one he did invented.

However what I want tell is that you must not come up with a brain wave unique that others will punch themselves for not having  though it  first like my friend who wished he had written Harry Potter. In fact it is only ting minority of entrepreneurs that come up with innovation, groundbreaking and entirely new/different idea. Rather than creating something completing many entrepreneurs merely tweaks what already exist or offer their own version of it.

Think of that restaurant groups, dry-cleaners web designers boutiques etc. every one of them was started by an entrepreneur none of them was trying or replace or invent a new clothing system or try to manufacture food from metals.

I have seen entrepreneurs twist to be the quality of product. Speed of delivery or attendance event better customer service.

  • What’s bugging you?

Have you been working so hard and you fell that you need something. It could be that while working in your office, you wanted to just  see all world news at a glance  you would have to  invest your time to learn the necessary y computing language required and who know millions who like  it and then you are ready  to bag those dollars.

  •    Head into the weird  world: For you to stretch your brain, you have to seek out the usual. How about watching and listening to weird stuff. I was watching a documentary about hunted houses and I said this could be cool for my country. But I had no money then.
  1. Talk  to weird people but not mad people. I said weird people, to avoid stories that touch the heart. Striking conversation with people different from you can be very powerful.
  • Chase companies

Even companies have their weakness. Some companies neglect the idea of investing in less services that they are supported to offer simply because they think  the mark is small. Well a small market f or a big company could be a large market for you.

  • Work with the market.

Entrepreneurs come up with ideas the best way if they are already in business,

  1. Cutting customer feedback: listen to customers and create products and service that give them more of what they like and /or remove what the dislike.
  2. Reverse Assumption: did you ever think that there could be anything like the ATM I give it was because a lazy banker thought how can we stop give this folks teller stop the form coming to the bank for withdrawals. By given a new means. Behold, the ATM was born.
  3. Look into history.

How about using the Roman, Egyptian drawing and learning those ancient arts and language for computer coding.

The list gives on. A dog could bit you and then you ask, could there be something I can do to stop dogs from biting or even start biting if you hate your friends. Am sure you don’t.

Next blog I will write how to utilize the power of three to generate business ideas.