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Take a WALK

This post is part of a series in which LinkedIn Influencers share the best advice they’ve ever received. I DECIDED TO SHARE


“Be sure you take time for walks.”


“What?” I thought to myself. “Me? The person who heads to the gym to get a workout in as efficiently as possible so I can get in to the office?”


It’s the last thing I expected to hear from my new “boss.”


Hussein Enan, the CEO of Insweb, the early online insurance marketplace founded in Silicon Valley, was now the chairman of and partner in the company I was starting, Women’s Financial Network.


“It takes a lot of energy to do what you’re doing,” he said. “Are you ready?”


Having started several companies before himself, Enan knew how much effort and sheer persistence it took to get a new company off the ground, and he knew I would face moments when those walks would be critical.


Still, it was a zen insight that caught me by surprise: “Take a walk.”


As I speak to you, there are so many other pieces of advice to share – focus, listen more than you talk, know who you’re doing business with – but it’s that time during walks when you can stop and reflect.. to improve your decisions, your behavior, your priorities.


It’s advice that would come in handy in so many ways.


Take, for example, Women’s Financial Network. It was starting to get known for helping women financially. And now, we were working through a strategic partnership with a major media company that would give us national presence. Exciting stuff. In an effort to get the deal done, we took on the additional work of drafting the contract, at a substantial cost.


And then, the Internet bust occurred. Remember that? Companies were pulling back on all sorts of things, just as we’ve seen over the last few years: little investing, little hiring. I figured the media firm would back out of our partnership for sure.


And then, about two months later, as we still worked to shepherd the agreement through, they pulled out. They had been impacted too much themselves by the economy’s turn and couldn’t take on any new projects, they said.


OK, painful. But the worst occurred when I looked on their website a few weeks later only to discover that they were now using some the ideas we had offered-up as part of our partnership. I wanted to shout to the world: How could they?


I then remembered Enan’s advice: take a walk. Not to run from the problem but, rather, to step outside the problem by stepping outside the office.


That walk was critical. It led me to step back: would shouting to the world really help? Did I have the money to fight? Fight based on what? And, let’s face it: I’d rather have more friends than enemies. Not the direction I wanted to take.


And then, during that same walk, I had the ah-ha that would help re-focus my energies: form a strategic partnership with a brokerage firm to complete our goal of offering direct investment services. We did.


As I’ve come to realize, taking a walk can be essential to success in so many ways: birthing your next best idea, identifying the solution to a big challenge on the job, or just de-stressing so that you can connect with others more effectively.


Indeed, we spend so much time sitting in the office, staring at the computer screen or finding ourselves distracted by multiple voices and opinions, that taking time out almost becomes essential to success.


Taking a walk can be a bit like mental yoga. You open yourself up and create space and time to digest what is happening around you. Are you bringing any biases to your views or decision-making that deserve a re-think? How are others responding to you? If it’s not as you’d like, what might be standing in the way?


It’s also a great time to integrate ideas that you may have heard over the course of the past few weeks or months. What are the little nuggets you’ve picked up – the “ah-ha” moments from meetings or conversations – and how do they all fit together? Chances are, a good walk will lead you down the path to a stronger conclusion, and one more in sync with who you are.


A short hike can also be a great way to bond with someone. How many times have you heard about golf outings? Why not a walk? It takes less time and still provides the ability to talk without running out of breath.


Finally, I find a long walk at the beginning of the year can be especially beneficial. Every year, I create my own “Annual Plan” of personal and professional goals. This year, I decided to take a walk in my local park near the water to ponder some of the items in my plan: What did I really want to focus on in 2014? What activities were diversions and what were essential to my personal and professional goals and passions?


Today, on occasional walks, I go through a mental checklist of the items in my annual plan and ask myself how I’m doing.


I’ve discovered what Hussein revealed: that your best ideas, your best solutions, your best “you” will emerge in a walk. Not only that, if you put some energy into it, and perhaps add some inspirational (but quiet) music, you will have also succeeded in a fruitful workout as well.


About the writer

Jennifer Openshaw is a nationally known consumer financial expert. The author of The Millionaire Zone (Hyperion) about the social networking strategies of the wealthy, she also serves as president of Finect, a compliant social communications platform for the financial industry.



Act of Negotiation 2

Hmmm…I have been away for so long and here is why. I want to move over to a bigger platform, with the name,”Business Accesser”. It cuts across marketing, sales, social media in fact anything that deals with day-to-day business ideas. Also with podcast features.
No need for long talk will keep you posted.

The information you’re about to learn in this section is vital to your success as a negotiator! Now tighten you seat belt and wear you Google glass.

To become a skilled negotiator, you must have the, negotiator’s mindset. If you have this, it means that you have the frame of mind and thought patterns that will enable you look at every situation as a chance to negotiate and win. Donald Trump, John D. Rockefeller, Richard Branson and many other successful people who rose to the top of their field were bad(extremely good) negotiators.

               Time for Action
Discover your negotiator’s mindset in only four single steps!

The time has arrived my friend-you’re now going to develop the negotiators mindset. On you marks!

1) Discover the vast opportunity to negotiate everywhere around you.

2) Sell yourself as a skill negotiator.

3) Believe you can win every negotiation.

4) Practice your new negotiation skill daily.

All this four steps are important to your development of negotiator’s mindset, I will take my time and throw more light on each step. Hope you enjoyed your reading. See you soon for yet another post on this series, Act of negotiation! I love you!

Act of Negotiation Part 1

I am very happy to usher you into a new successful day in business and life. Today, everything you do involves relationships. Check most successful people in all fields of life, they are all relationship experts. They invest more time and effort to be very effective in dealing with others.




Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence (Photo credit: Intersection Consulting)




determined or limited. I believe nothing is impossible; in fact I hate the word “impossible”. Emotional intelligence can be improved by practice and repetition, of course practice makes perfect. Do you remember the first time y ou were learning to drive? I am guessing that you stalled the car a couple of times. And you were almost certainly driving so fast or slow. I guess a good fellow would have advised me to get off from your car before a touching heartfelt stories emerges from our little voyage. However I bet that as you spent more time driving, your confidence grew and now you can drive without thinking about it. You probably can now admire that pizza shop and not worry about your feet and hands.
Don’t worry emotional Intelligence will be discussed in details later. I just want to stress the point that:
Your ability to interact with others to communicate, negotiate and persuade determines your income more than any other factor. Please note that your ability to get on with others account for 85% of your happiness. One of your chief responsibilities in life is to learn how to negotiate well on your own behalf. Come on, don’t you think we need to be able to get more of what we need faster and easier than we could if the other person was better at negotiating, right? If your answer is, “yes”. Let’s go on and nail it down with the first Act of negotiating
First and foremost; everything is negotiable. Yes you heard me or should I repeat?
One thing you have to know is that all price and terms are set by someone. They can therefore be changed by someone. This does not be that they will be change; but it does mean that there is always chance. I want you to begin today to look at life as one long extended negotiating process. You will find that almost every situation contains elements that you can negotiate to improve the terms and conditions for yourself and others. Always note that price is the best-guessed estimate of what the customer will pay. This means that the asking price is loosely connected to objective reality. The cost of manufacturing and marketing a particular product or service often has little to do with the price that is placed on it. Price is arbitrary and merely reflects someone’s opinion of what the market will bear at that moment. My mama raised no fool, so I would challenge that opinion.
Begin today to ask for better price and terms. The mean reason why you don’t ask for better price is the subconscious fear of rejection, that fine but I confront mine so confront yours or else……. You know what those dots mean? Let forget it but I need you to improve you finance by asking for better price. Start by asking in a polite, warm and friendly way. Ask positively, expectantly and confidently. I guess I will take the lead by asking you to like my Facebook page for this blog and if you want more negotiation just comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t. Wait for the next part of this series.








Never Ever Say this to your Child or an Entrepreneur



Do you agree? Read the post

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an
unbeatable combination for success.”
~Napoleon Hill


I got this write-up from  Dave Lavinsky. It was emailed to me. I think it would be wise to share it with you but let me ask you for a favor which is, like biztalksblogs on facebook. I will really appreciate. He said: when my kids were younger, I recall one night when we were eating dinner. My kids were saying “I want this” and “I want that.”



And then I said something that I immediately realized I should never tell my kids, or any entrepreneur for that matter.

What I said was this: “you know, money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Now, you may not think saying this is so bad. So, let me explain.

The reason why I said this was to show my kids the value of money. And that we have to work to make money to spend on the things we want.

But here’s the negative: saying this paints the wrong picture. It paints the picture that we can’t always get what we want. Which is the exact opposite of the attitude I want my kids, and all entrepreneurs, to have.

What my kids and all entrepreneurs MUST be thinking is YES, I CAN get whatever I want. Yes, it won’t just come to me, but with hard work and ingenuity, I can and I will get what I want.

Fortunately, right after I said that to my kids, I caught myself.



Trees (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


One of the reasons I caught myself was from the interview I did a while back with Ken Lodi, the author of “The Bamboo Principle.”

In the interview, Ken explained that timber bamboo shoots grow very little for four years while their extensive root system is growing and taking hold. But once the roots are firmly in place, the bamboo can grow a shocking 80 feet in just six weeks.

This story made me realize that money does in fact grow on trees. The key is to work on the tree’s roots. To build such a strong foundation that generating money becomes easy.

Every great company has a strong foundation. They create a brand name, sales systems, delivery systems, etc. And then, they can generate cash and profits each and every day.

So, focus on building an extremely strong foundation. Think through your business model. Learn the best practices for the key business disciplines – marketing, HR, finance, sales, etc. And then, put your thinking into a strategic plan.


Have you got any strategic plan for your business? Please live comment if there are questions.

Talking about strategic plan, it is your road-map to success. It is the tool that turns your ideas into reality. For example, the great marketing idea in your head isn’t going to become reality unless it’s documented in your plan and a team member(s) knows to execute on it. Likewise, your new products and services won’t be built or fulfilled unless they are documented and your team knows what to do. Get your ideas in your strategic plan and then you build the tree from which money does grow.

So, never let anyone tell you that “money doesn’t grow on trees” or that you can’t have everything you want. Because money does grow on firmly rooted trees and you CAN achieve and get everything you want out of life if you resolve to do so. They key is to build your plan — your foundation — and then grow systematically from there. Don’t forget to  like biztalksblogs on facebook. Don’t forget, I will be tearing,”Act of Negotiation” . It will be in series, so do not miss it.