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A successful entrepreneur; can I be one?

Good day friend as I welcome you into a new problem free week. Are you happy with that statement? If yes then see the image below.


Now let’s begin….

My friend, just because you are a CMO or the project manager does not mean you have what it takes to start a business. Everyone want to be Bill Gates, Alinko Dangote, Steve Jobs, Ted Nicholas, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Mike litman, Rupert Murdock, Ross Perot and the list goes on. It’s a pity your name isn’t there but mine isn’t also.. Lol.
We all want to be swimming in billions or trillions of dollars but can I ask you some questions. I means let me drive you to thinking!

1) Can you persevere through tough times? Note:

Tough times never last but tough people do. You may have heard about the few who get to the top but have you heard about the majority that never did?

2) Do you have strong desire to be your own boss?
3) Does the judgement you make regularly turn out good?
4) Do you have the ability to conceptualize the whole of a business?
5) Do you posses the high level of energy, sustainable over long hours, to make a business successful?
6) Do you have significant business experience?
7) Above all can you die for your business?

Think through this questions because the task you are about to take looks like a suicide mission. But let’s get real. Setting up your own business can be very frustrating and don’t be surprised if you are termed,”freak”.

Truth be told; Not every successful business owners or entrepreneurs starts with a “yes” to all the questions asked, but three out of for “no’s” and undecided answers should make you think twice. Just because a friend makes $50000 from fishing does not mean you can dive in and start making what he is making out of fishing. You need stuffs.

Business Advice
These stuffs include:
1) Willingness to sacrifice
2) Interpersonal skills
3) Leadership abilities and optimism.
Seek extra training, support and study the top benchers for inspiration and insight. And don’t be afraid.
Friend! Am good to go right? See you next year! Lol..Just kidding.

Act of Negotiation 2

Hmmm…I have been away for so long and here is why. I want to move over to a bigger platform, with the name,”Business Accesser”. It cuts across marketing, sales, social media in fact anything that deals with day-to-day business ideas. Also with podcast features.
No need for long talk will keep you posted.

The information you’re about to learn in this section is vital to your success as a negotiator! Now tighten you seat belt and wear you Google glass.

To become a skilled negotiator, you must have the, negotiator’s mindset. If you have this, it means that you have the frame of mind and thought patterns that will enable you look at every situation as a chance to negotiate and win. Donald Trump, John D. Rockefeller, Richard Branson and many other successful people who rose to the top of their field were bad(extremely good) negotiators.

               Time for Action
Discover your negotiator’s mindset in only four single steps!

The time has arrived my friend-you’re now going to develop the negotiators mindset. On you marks!

1) Discover the vast opportunity to negotiate everywhere around you.

2) Sell yourself as a skill negotiator.

3) Believe you can win every negotiation.

4) Practice your new negotiation skill daily.

All this four steps are important to your development of negotiator’s mindset, I will take my time and throw more light on each step. Hope you enjoyed your reading. See you soon for yet another post on this series, Act of negotiation! I love you!

What if you had only a minute to tell me about your business?

Imagine you were in a business conference or at worst a giant billboard but in any case your aim is to tell your customers  about your product or service.
You’ve got just one minute to do it.

What would your pitch look and sound like?
Is the truth in that single sentence what you want it to be?
Would it make me do business with you or at most make you a top priority in my future selection?
Does it have a feel or a heartfelt story?
Does it mirror the truth about your brand personality?

If not, what do you need to do in order to rewrite it? My little advice,


Take action now!

An Igbo adage says,
“eme ngwa ngwa emeghara odachi”. ( Make haste while the sun shines).
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Have a blissful day….