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If the first law of business is completion. Competition is something that cannot be abated in business. It make you to think and engages you to set high standard against your competitor if you discipline yourself.

To understand your competitors you have to develop the self-discipline to unravel exactly what your competitors are offering.

You could say that what you are about to offer is unique and has no direct competitors. Well don’t forget that some villains are lurking  in the dark to see what you have  to offer and if   it makes sense, they high jack it and then your naked eye which was not clothed before will be opened to know that the bad boy are really after you. Even if you are offering a new type  of food that is sourced from the greatest plant, probably from Mars. You just need to work out what  other business are the most likely rivals for your potential customers in terms of time, attention, and (most important of all)  money.

For  you, you need to become the NO.1 business spy. How?  That simple, become your competitor’s partners or pay a sensational visit and feel the atmosphere and total experience that they offer.  You become their customers and then check out what they don’t like about their product and services and also what your fellow customers don’t like about them. REMEMBER YOUR ARE ACTING AS A SECRET AGENT FROM BIZTALKSBLOGS, do not blow the cover.  Get sales people to run their sales pitches past you or make a purchase complain and feel the quality of the furnishing in their showrooms, if they got music  listen to  it and know if you like it.

Spy also on their customer, pretend to act as if you don’t like what they have to offer and then listen to what they have to say. Watch the sales staff. Note what makes the customer buy, what they buy, how much they spend, how they react to the whole experience.

Now the conclusion of the matter, what does your competitor do well or badly? If something work well think of how you can replicate it or add your own twist to it. If something works badly think of how you can make it better. Also check their website, sign up and see what the got in their new letter of its design. MAKE SURE YOU DOCUMENT YOUR FINDINGS.

You could send me your BTB mission file if you succeed. Do your sensational spy subtly. If you got problem tell me.



How do I achieve  my goals? Well its easy

Step 1  Be specific: Decide what exactly you want, to  achieve, is it that you want to increase you income or improve your skill. You have to be clear about it.

Step 2  Write  it down: A goal  not written down is like cigarette smoke which has no force. It drift away and disappears. It like a ship without rubber. But written goal become something you can see, touch and read.

Step 3  Set Deadlines: Deadlines serves as forcing system” in your brain. Pick a reasonable time period and write down the date you want to achieve that goal. Just as you, get more done when you are under pressure. You subconscious work faster and efficiently when you have decided to achieve a goal by specific time.

The rule is “ there are no unrealistic goals’ there are only unrealistic deadlines

If you don’t achieve your deadline simply set another this is for those who would ask, “what would you do if you don’t achieve your goal by your deadline?

Step 4  Make a list of everything you  can think of that you could possibly do to achieve your goal.

Henry Ford said,”the biggest goal can be accomplished if your break it down into enough small steps”.

  •   Make a list of people whose cooperation and support you will require to achieve you goal.
  • Make a list of everything that you can think that you will have to do. Keep writing    till its complete

Step 5  Organize you list by both sequence and priority.

Step 6  Take action on your plan immediately. Get going and don’t turn back, keep telling yourself that you can not give up now that you have already started. Remember: procrastination is not only a thief of time out also a thief of life.

Step 7 Do something ever day that moves you in  the direction of your goals.

Up next, law of competition in business. Stay tuned.


7 dollar barbing competition

Two barbershops were in red-hot competition. One put up a sign advertising haircuts for 7-dollars. His competitor put up one that read, “We repair 7-dollars hair cuts.”