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Act of Negotiation Part 1

I am very happy to usher you into a new successful day in business and life. Today, everything you do involves relationships. Check most successful people in all fields of life, they are all relationship experts. They invest more time and effort to be very effective in dealing with others.




Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence (Photo credit: Intersection Consulting)




determined or limited. I believe nothing is impossible; in fact I hate the word “impossible”. Emotional intelligence can be improved by practice and repetition, of course practice makes perfect. Do you remember the first time y ou were learning to drive? I am guessing that you stalled the car a couple of times. And you were almost certainly driving so fast or slow. I guess a good fellow would have advised me to get off from your car before a touching heartfelt stories emerges from our little voyage. However I bet that as you spent more time driving, your confidence grew and now you can drive without thinking about it. You probably can now admire that pizza shop and not worry about your feet and hands.
Don’t worry emotional Intelligence will be discussed in details later. I just want to stress the point that:
Your ability to interact with others to communicate, negotiate and persuade determines your income more than any other factor. Please note that your ability to get on with others account for 85% of your happiness. One of your chief responsibilities in life is to learn how to negotiate well on your own behalf. Come on, don’t you think we need to be able to get more of what we need faster and easier than we could if the other person was better at negotiating, right? If your answer is, “yes”. Let’s go on and nail it down with the first Act of negotiating
First and foremost; everything is negotiable. Yes you heard me or should I repeat?
One thing you have to know is that all price and terms are set by someone. They can therefore be changed by someone. This does not be that they will be change; but it does mean that there is always chance. I want you to begin today to look at life as one long extended negotiating process. You will find that almost every situation contains elements that you can negotiate to improve the terms and conditions for yourself and others. Always note that price is the best-guessed estimate of what the customer will pay. This means that the asking price is loosely connected to objective reality. The cost of manufacturing and marketing a particular product or service often has little to do with the price that is placed on it. Price is arbitrary and merely reflects someone’s opinion of what the market will bear at that moment. My mama raised no fool, so I would challenge that opinion.
Begin today to ask for better price and terms. The mean reason why you don’t ask for better price is the subconscious fear of rejection, that fine but I confront mine so confront yours or else……. You know what those dots mean? Let forget it but I need you to improve you finance by asking for better price. Start by asking in a polite, warm and friendly way. Ask positively, expectantly and confidently. I guess I will take the lead by asking you to like my Facebook page for this blog and if you want more negotiation just comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t. Wait for the next part of this series.











How do I achieve  my goals? Well its easy

Step 1  Be specific: Decide what exactly you want, to  achieve, is it that you want to increase you income or improve your skill. You have to be clear about it.

Step 2  Write  it down: A goal  not written down is like cigarette smoke which has no force. It drift away and disappears. It like a ship without rubber. But written goal become something you can see, touch and read.

Step 3  Set Deadlines: Deadlines serves as forcing system” in your brain. Pick a reasonable time period and write down the date you want to achieve that goal. Just as you, get more done when you are under pressure. You subconscious work faster and efficiently when you have decided to achieve a goal by specific time.

The rule is “ there are no unrealistic goals’ there are only unrealistic deadlines

If you don’t achieve your deadline simply set another this is for those who would ask, “what would you do if you don’t achieve your goal by your deadline?

Step 4  Make a list of everything you  can think of that you could possibly do to achieve your goal.

Henry Ford said,”the biggest goal can be accomplished if your break it down into enough small steps”.

  •   Make a list of people whose cooperation and support you will require to achieve you goal.
  • Make a list of everything that you can think that you will have to do. Keep writing    till its complete

Step 5  Organize you list by both sequence and priority.

Step 6  Take action on your plan immediately. Get going and don’t turn back, keep telling yourself that you can not give up now that you have already started. Remember: procrastination is not only a thief of time out also a thief of life.

Step 7 Do something ever day that moves you in  the direction of your goals.

Up next, law of competition in business. Stay tuned.




Goal setting in Business

Before we continue I would like you to read a story about Brain Tracy’s  clients on the power of Goals.

“A client of mine recently told me an  interesting story He said he had attended one of my seminars in 1995, where I spoke about importance of writing down goals and making  plans  for accomplishing them. at that time he was 35 years old selling cars, for dealers in  Nashville, and earning about  $50,000 a year.

He t old me that day changed his life he began writing his goals and plans and working on them daily. Twelve years later, he was earning more than $210million a year and was the president of a fast growing company that sales services to some of the biggest companies in the country. He told me that the could not imagine what his life would have been like  if he had not taken out a piece of paper and written d own the goals he wanted to achieve in the year ahead”

Jim Rohn said “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Your ability to discipline yourself and set clear goals for yourself and them to work towards them. every day will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor. You can’t hit a target that you   can’t see. The way act of taking the time to decide what you really want in each area of your life earn change your life completely.

According to Brain Tracy, “3 percent of adults have written goals and plans and this 3 percent earn more than all of other 97 percent put together”

Now you would be as king How or why? The reason because if you have clear goal and a plan to achieve it you therefore have a track to run on every struggle day. This hinders distraction and diversions and makes you focus on your straight line.

They bad news is, most people they that the already have goals. But what they really have are hopes and wishes. Then  if  wishes where horses beggars   even beggar will ride. However hope is not a strategy to success and wish has been defined as a “goal with no energy behind it” people with in written goals go through life shorting blanks.