Marketing 101

Its been wonderful to be working in the profession of selling. Personally, I don’t like history and in fact I never did it in high school and so we are not going to be talking about,”How the early men came up with marketing and blah blah blah selling strategy in prehistoric times”. Boorinnng!!! Now straight to the point.

According to Dr. Thomas Stanley, coauthor of The Millionaire Next Door, fully 5 percent of self-made millionaires in America are sales people who have sold for another company all their lives. It was a straightforward process whereby they became good at selling and then earned and excellent living as a result while investing there income.

In the world today, innovations begets new products and and products begets new opportunity to join and sale those products. Yet sales have gone beyond what it use to be like in 19th and early 20th century. The digital world have change the way salespeople interact with their prospects and customers. Today a customer know more than a typical salesperson because he or she has vast information about both your product and that of your competitors. A prospect can get to Google search, input the product’s keyword he want to buy, after back and forth assessment of both your product and that of your competitors, with a click, he makes his buying decisions and close the sales without meeting any sales personnel.

Looks like a big challenge here right? Now a salesperson has to be vast. What this means is that to succeed in the ever evolving world of business. Lots of marketing tactics and strategy has to be put in place, both digitally and traditionally.

Therefore stay tuned for those tips….

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