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What you need to know about sales calls


I welcome you for yet another beautiful day. For the benefit of those new in the sales game and will probably be ask,” What the herk is a sales call. Well am not any close to an academic wizard and so i will put it in a crude way.

A sales call is customers hunting. No guns allowed in the hunt.

Now for those who wants the formal way.

A sales is the visits salespeople make to a
buyer’s premises in order to sell their
companies’ products.

Got it right!

Preparation is the mark of the professional- in every field (not the football kind of field, OK!). Note that the highest paid salespeople review every detail of account before every sales call. First, they study their notes from previous calls.

On the other hand the lowest salespeople try to make minimum preparation and you know what, you and I know professionals when we meet then and certainly they won’t act like one.

For now I am going to split sales call into three piece. And it all include:

1) Pre call analysis:
Research the account prior to the call and learn something about the person and their business before the meeting? Check their web page, brochures, newsletters. God knows, you could hit a million dollar information.


Send an outline of the agenda to the client before the meeting and have three value-added points prepared. Bring all materials, brochures, contracts,

2) Pre call objectives

Answer the three important pre-call objective questions:
A. Who are you going to see. Who knows it could be a ghost!
B. What is the goal of the call?
C. What do I need to find out during the call?
D. What’s the next step after the call?

Customers loves salespeople who thoroughly prepare with written outline. Also dress professionally with mega credibility of an expert ( solution man/ a consultant). Ask open end questions while narrowing it down to your sales objectives. Handle objections professionally. And don’t forget be a resource and also a friend.

3) Post call analysis

Don’t trust your memory and don’t wait until the next day before you write your discussion and findings down. Write every fact you recall as quickly as you can. The prior to seeing the prospect again, if need be, review you database.

Lets say that will be for now. Have a nice day.

As a start up, help others and test quick


Startups crash because they fall in love with their new solution, and fail to see that no one cares about the problem they are trying to solve.
Also, individuals get caught up in what they want, and fail to understand that success means
helping others more than you help yourself. To succeed, a startup must find a problem that is driving someone crazy, and then solve it.
If you are an individual seeking to make a personal pivot, you need to be more obsessed with helping
others than you are creating the ideal life for yourself. Who are you going to help, and how? The
ideal life will follow; it is the end result of helping people you really want to help.


Keep your nose to the grindstone in pursuit of the wrong goals, and all you’ll end up with is a short
nose. Startups need to test new ideas quickly, and so do you. For example, don’t quit your job to
enroll in a master’s program. Instead, test the idea first. Enroll in an online, self-paced course and see if you have the interest and discipline to speed through it in a week. Then try another. Reach out
to professionals on alternate career paths and get 20 minutes of their time to test your potential
moves. Test as quickly as you can.

See you soon. Am running off.

A successful entrepreneur; can I be one?

Good day friend as I welcome you into a new problem free week. Are you happy with that statement? If yes then see the image below.


Now let’s begin….

My friend, just because you are a CMO or the project manager does not mean you have what it takes to start a business. Everyone want to be Bill Gates, Alinko Dangote, Steve Jobs, Ted Nicholas, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Mike litman, Rupert Murdock, Ross Perot and the list goes on. It’s a pity your name isn’t there but mine isn’t also.. Lol.
We all want to be swimming in billions or trillions of dollars but can I ask you some questions. I means let me drive you to thinking!

1) Can you persevere through tough times? Note:

Tough times never last but tough people do. You may have heard about the few who get to the top but have you heard about the majority that never did?

2) Do you have strong desire to be your own boss?
3) Does the judgement you make regularly turn out good?
4) Do you have the ability to conceptualize the whole of a business?
5) Do you posses the high level of energy, sustainable over long hours, to make a business successful?
6) Do you have significant business experience?
7) Above all can you die for your business?

Think through this questions because the task you are about to take looks like a suicide mission. But let’s get real. Setting up your own business can be very frustrating and don’t be surprised if you are termed,”freak”.

Truth be told; Not every successful business owners or entrepreneurs starts with a “yes” to all the questions asked, but three out of for “no’s” and undecided answers should make you think twice. Just because a friend makes $50000 from fishing does not mean you can dive in and start making what he is making out of fishing. You need stuffs.

Business Advice
These stuffs include:
1) Willingness to sacrifice
2) Interpersonal skills
3) Leadership abilities and optimism.
Seek extra training, support and study the top benchers for inspiration and insight. And don’t be afraid.
Friend! Am good to go right? See you next year! Lol..Just kidding.