As a start up, help others and test quick


Startups crash because they fall in love with their new solution, and fail to see that no one cares about the problem they are trying to solve.
Also, individuals get caught up in what they want, and fail to understand that success means
helping others more than you help yourself. To succeed, a startup must find a problem that is driving someone crazy, and then solve it.
If you are an individual seeking to make a personal pivot, you need to be more obsessed with helping
others than you are creating the ideal life for yourself. Who are you going to help, and how? The
ideal life will follow; it is the end result of helping people you really want to help.


Keep your nose to the grindstone in pursuit of the wrong goals, and all you’ll end up with is a short
nose. Startups need to test new ideas quickly, and so do you. For example, don’t quit your job to
enroll in a master’s program. Instead, test the idea first. Enroll in an online, self-paced course and see if you have the interest and discipline to speed through it in a week. Then try another. Reach out
to professionals on alternate career paths and get 20 minutes of their time to test your potential
moves. Test as quickly as you can.

See you soon. Am running off.


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