Act of Negotiation 3

I did made a promise my last  write up on Act of Negotiation 2 that I will be explaining the simple steps in discovering your negotiation mindset. Today we will be looking at specifically: How to discover the vast opportunities to negotiate everywhere around you.

To learn negotiation, you must first get this into your brains, just in case you don’t have one, external memory card for humans are available for sale by me and would cost you as little as $140,000 for just 200MB…Lol… Just kidding.

Everyday you have the tendency to buy one or two things. The point is; you must start looking at every transaction as a potential negotiation. Did you get that? If you don’t, read it slowly for three times and if you don’t again. Come and purchased my external memory brain card at a discounted price( Just 5%)…Lol.
The truth is if you don’t start looking at every transaction as a potential one, you will definitely miss plethora of opportunities to practice your skills.
Now by practicing on a small scale it will enable you to see bigger opportunities to negotiate on higher priced goods and services.

My personal experience on this.
For many years I would enter a cab (From Akwuebollo junction to Okpanam) at a fixed price of N100 which even a 2 year old will question you if you dare bargain. But that day, I hit road with negotiation mindset, stopped the first cab on which I collected lumps of insults from both the driver and passengers alike. I never cared because I’ve got the money and I manage it my own way not theirs, so off he zoom. The next came and I bargained N60. He hesitated and said, “N90 Oga”, I used the surprised look technique asked him for N70 but he insisted. The truth was that I knew the deal was closed but wanted to make him happy. I gave him  an Ultimatum and we both close the deal at N80 with happy faces. We both won!


Now come to think of it, you have vast opportunities to negotiate you deals but first let me help you  if you are not sure.

Minor list of Negotiation point:

1) Salaries.    2) Educational class.
3)Typing.       4) Hairstyling.
5) Dinner.       6) Graphics arts etc.

The bottom line here is that every product or service is negotiable if you are amongst the decision-makers. Decision-makers  who can give you a discount or barter with you.

Think and write down 20 good and/or services that you purchase regularly, keep it aside we will did with it later. For now go negotiate with you dad on who uses his favourite sofa or with you mum on why that meat is to be given to you… Simple things..huh!!!

See you on next episode.


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