What if you had only a minute to tell me about your business?

Imagine you were in a business conference or at worst a giant billboard but in any case your aim is to tell your customers  about your product or service.
You’ve got just one minute to do it.

What would your pitch look and sound like?
Is the truth in that single sentence what you want it to be?
Would it make me do business with you or at most make you a top priority in my future selection?
Does it have a feel or a heartfelt story?
Does it mirror the truth about your brand personality?

If not, what do you need to do in order to rewrite it? My little advice,


Take action now!

An Igbo adage says,
“eme ngwa ngwa emeghara odachi”. ( Make haste while the sun shines).
Drop your business questions on the facebook page for this blog.
Have a blissful day….


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