Law of Business Success

This law is a powerful law and it is capable of improving or completing destroying your business. No wonder they said that whatever you truly believe with feeling becomes your  reality. You belief acts like filter for information that is inconsistent with them. In one of my my poems  “Believe’” I talked about the power of believe along with its good and bad side. You reject information that contradicts what you have already decided to believe, whether or not your beliefs, your prejudice are based  on facts  or fantasy.

The worst belief you can have  are “self-limiting beliefs” these occurs whenever you believe yourself to be limited in some way, so  you have to be careful with  your belief even in your business.

Self limiting beliefs could be thinking that others are superior to you in some  way, that  your business w ill never g row. These  self-limiting beliefs act like brakes on your potentials; they hold you back and generate the two greatest enemy of success which are- doubt and fear. These enemies luck you up and your daily with paralysis of the mind i.e. cause you to hesitate to take intelligent risk in business.

To break from the shackles of this limiting belief you must reflect any though or suggestion that you are limited in any way. Accept the belief that you are “no limit” person.

Sometime ago, I fell into the mental trap that if you are faced constantly with problems so numerous that you tend to ask, God why me? It means that your sins are after you or God is no more with you. This belief stayed with me for years till I broke out. I realized that God does not punish us and that He was loves us. Well don’t start thinking that I am a pastor right now but I am just telling you what held me back and made me wet my bed because it limited me badly.

The fact remains that nobody is better than you and that is what you belief could cause great harm on you. To win you most challenge every self limiting beliefs that are holding   you back weather in business, peer group, at home, office or in your community. You need  an honest feedback of someone who knows you well. Meet someone who know you well, it could be you dad, mm, best friend. Ask the person if he or she sees what might be causing you to perform below your potential its. What you might get may pierce your heart painfully but it is mid from doubt and fear. Don’t be scared even though they are vampires, the magic sword, cross or even the so-called holy water is there along with the silver bullets. So aim fire and killed that vampire that is limiting you. Both is your personal life and business


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