When I am talking about goals am not referring to Argentina 1 Tunisia 0 (football)which is written on score board, rather am talk about clearly defined targets and step to achieve your desires. It could be buying that house, increasing your income, buying the white house or Aso Rock ,scoring high in your grades at school or robbing the World Bank and being famous for it. OK, I understand maybe you don’t like the last. Even terrorist have clearly defined goals and targets, so if they do, why don’t you have one?

English: Picture I made for my goals article


Writing out your goals does not means it guarantees success but rather it increases the probability of success by ten times. Writing is called a “psycho-neuro-nector activity” the act of writing forces you to think and concentrate. It forces you to choose what is more important to you and your future. As a result, when you write you impress it into  your subconscious mid. In life you  either work to achieve your own goals or you work to achieve  the goals of someone else. Which do you choose?

It is important to note that your brain has both a success mechanism and failure mechanism. Who like the failure mechanism, its awesome but don’t trust me on that see for yourself if you would like it and stay with me.It really awesome but I must advice you, take the success mechanism and stop….. let me not complete that to avoid the jury.Failure mechanism is the temptation to do  the easy path or follow the undisciplined path of  least resistance, to do  what is fun and easy rather than what is hard and necessary. This  failure  mechanism operates constantly and with constant force. Your success is triggered by your goals which can be seen as riding  a ship with rubber. Listen you must start today to set goals for yourself but if you don’t know how I will see to it that you get to know and if you are bent not to set goals, I think you are invariable saying “GAME OVER”, watch and see if you will not be tossed to any direction by the wind just because you have not rubber in your ship. I don’t want to loose you, so start setting goals and stick to it.

On my next blog I will bring you seven steeps methods to achieving your goals. Stay will me cos am lonely here.


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  1. Tannpleie er virkelig en must for alle . hvorvidt vi liker det eller ikke. Disse fort og enkel saker vil hjelpe deg ta stor omsorg av tenner. Følgende artikkel vil lære deg hvordan du kan skikkelig omsorg og opprettholde tennene


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