Goal setting in Business

Before we continue I would like you to read a story about Brain Tracy’s  clients on the power of Goals.

“A client of mine recently told me an  interesting story He said he had attended one of my seminars in 1995, where I spoke about importance of writing down goals and making  plans  for accomplishing them. at that time he was 35 years old selling cars, for dealers in  Nashville, and earning about  $50,000 a year.

He t old me that day changed his life he began writing his goals and plans and working on them daily. Twelve years later, he was earning more than $210million a year and was the president of a fast growing company that sales services to some of the biggest companies in the country. He told me that the could not imagine what his life would have been like  if he had not taken out a piece of paper and written d own the goals he wanted to achieve in the year ahead”

Jim Rohn said “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Your ability to discipline yourself and set clear goals for yourself and them to work towards them. every day will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor. You can’t hit a target that you   can’t see. The way act of taking the time to decide what you really want in each area of your life earn change your life completely.

According to Brain Tracy, “3 percent of adults have written goals and plans and this 3 percent earn more than all of other 97 percent put together”

Now you would be as king How or why? The reason because if you have clear goal and a plan to achieve it you therefore have a track to run on every struggle day. This hinders distraction and diversions and makes you focus on your straight line.

They bad news is, most people they that the already have goals. But what they really have are hopes and wishes. Then  if  wishes where horses beggars   even beggar will ride. However hope is not a strategy to success and wish has been defined as a “goal with no energy behind it” people with in written goals go through life shorting blanks.



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