Nurturing and Growing your Business Ideas PT2

How was last time? Hope you enjoyed it, if you didn’t then it means you didn’t obey me to the fullest, trust me I know what I am saying. To get business ideas. Investigate new markets, niches and opportunities This time we are going to practice stealing. What did I say? I repeat we are going to practice stealing. So get ready, put on your bullet proof jackets, thinking cap but in this case we don’t need guns. Before I proceed, “is anybody still with me? If you are still with me just do good to comment after this post. So far those who are still with me, I said that in this post I will teach you practical stealing. But don’t be afraid, you won’t be stealing anything literally, that was why I said put on your “ thinking cap” but we won’t need guns. Now in business, appropriating someone else’s ideas is usually called “best practice sharing or “bench marking”. Business people do it all the time. I personally do it a lot. Copying the best of what someone has done and making it better is something worth while. To steal without being caught, you have to look abroad for inspiration. Find an idea that worked in another country and then transfer it home. The Chinese E commerce company Aliaba took their idea from USA eBay. Let me avoid using the word “Stole” in the above text to avoid the facing the jury. Even reversing the logic could be fine. For example in my country Nigeria some men have decided to export Akpu a staple food for the Igbo tribe to London and there are making more than enough from it. It does not matter if you don’t know anything about it as far as you can always learn or find someone who does. But the most important thing is that you have to enjoy and be passionate about the ideas.


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